After following a zig-zagging road to El Bolson, discover a magical town with a traditional artisan fair and many local products.

Journey 130 km to the south of Bariloche, following the shores of Gutierrez, and Mascardi, Guillelmo lakes, and curving through the Toro Meadow and down through the Mosca Canyon. Finally, you’ll arrive at the magical town of El Bolson, which has a unique microclimate ideal for growing fruit and hops. There’s a wonderful production of jams, jellies and a wide variety of microbreweries, trout farms and a famous artisans market here.
Another 16 km away is the village of Puelo Lake, where the National Park and the beautiful turquoise waters its namesake lake can be visited.

DEPARTURE: 8:30am, Thursdays and Saturdays
LENGTH: Full-day
SEASON: Year-round